Cropped view of a senior woman receiving help with her finances from her granddaughter

Bankruptcy can be a difficult path to navigate alone. At The Healey Law Firm, we offer a comprehensive free initial consultation to evaluate your candidacy for a bankruptcy, what chapter is most appropriate and the pros and cons of filing a bankruptcy. Every client’s situation is different and unique and therefore should be evaluated on an individual basis. Often times, bankruptcy feels like the last resort but filing bankruptcy has many benefits that can help you get back on the right track and on your way to a fresh start. There are even ways that bankruptcy can help you save your home when your mortgage company refuses to modify your mortgage.

Part of every representation is budgeting assistance and money saving tips so that you can start working on improving your financial habits right away. Attorney Casey Healey has been voted as a top bankruptcy attorney in Connecticut by Super Lawyers from 2015 and every year since*.